Project transportation

Project transportation в Омске

Transportation of non-standard cargo, primarily oversized and heavy, refers to project logistics.

This type of delivery is aimed at solving complex and non-standard logistics problems, most often using several modes of transport.

Carried as project cargo:

  • production lines, factories
  • industrial equipment, large spare parts
  • vehicles
  • agricultural construction machinery
  • aviation technology
  • metal structures

The concept of “project cargo” means cargo that, due to its technical characteristics (large dimensions, weight), is prohibited for transportation on public roads. Its transportation must take place in accordance with the rules and after obtaining special permission from regulatory agencies. Transportation of non-standard cargo also requires taking into account the risks of accidents along the way, which directly depend on the human factor and the environment. Therefore, planning for the transport of a project cargo is a solution with many components, and it begins long before the actual transport of the object.

The Albacore Siberia company received project transportation of goods in Russia, as well as in international directions.

Stages of project transportation

  • studying the object of transportation and planning the delivery process: we analyze the dimensions, weight, the presence of specific conditions of transportation;
  • we develop the organization of transportation and risk assessment of the project;
  • development of the route and selection of transport: we develop a scheme for the movement of cargo with forecasting the throughput of sections and travel time;
  • we select vehicles of suitable carrying capacity and carrying capacity (trawls, railway cars, sea and river vessels, barges, air transport), special equipment for loading and unloading operations (cranes, manipulators, hydraulic systems, etc.);
  • we develop a cargo securing scheme;
  • calculate the transport estimate of the project;
  • obtaining permits: preparation of documents;
  • we coordinate the route of cargo movement with Rosavtodor, the Department of Special Transportation of Russian Railways and other necessary structures;
  • transportation: we carry out a cargo transportation project according to an approved plan.


Project transportation of goods is in demand in various industries. Among the customers of this service are enterprises of the petrochemical industry, energy, food and manufacturing industries, construction, and agriculture.

You can order the calculation of the cost of project transportation on our website by clicking on the “Calculate delivery” button.

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The cost of project transport services includes

Project transportation consulting
Development of the route, determination of the types of transport and the number of rolling stock for the carriage of goods
Preparation and approval of documentation for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo
Determination and coordination of methods of securing cargo on selected modes of transport
Payment of air and sea freight, road and rail tariffs
Preparation, coordination and execution of documentation corresponding to the selected modes of transport
Real-time monitoring of cargo operations, informing the client about the location of the cargo
Forwarder liability insurance
Additional services
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Cargo handling
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Additional packaging
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Customs clearance
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Cargo security
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Cargo insurance
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Survey services
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